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Search Smarter with Telescope

AI-powered Search that gets you straight to the answer snippets from your documents, files, and conversations: right from your workspace. No more navigating through endless pages of links and obsolete documents. Unlock knowledge 10x faster.
No Credit Card Required

We spend more than 20% of our time at work searching for information


That is 1.8 hours each day or the time it takes to fly between

San Francisco and Seattle 


Telescope makes finding information at work

a breeze


Telescope Conversational AI Search - Use natural language everyday words

Natural Language Search

Search as you talk. Ask Telescope as you'd ask a friend. From who does what in your workspace to finding relevant data. Ask a question in natural language or use keywords and Telescope will promptly present the answers.

Multimodal Answer Snippets

Escape the endless spiral of conventional search and get straight to the answer. Telescope uses state of the art Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) to infer a user query and extract an answer that may be buried in text, images, tables, or even videos. It gets you what you are looking for, wherever it may be.

Telescope Multimodal AI Answers
Telescope AI Search Connect Cloud Data Sources

Connect your Cloud Data Sources

Look up information wherever it may be locked, with a unified search experience. Easily integrate all your cloud data sources including chats, documents, spreadsheets, CRM, company wiki and Helpdesk applications.

Fit in Existing Workflows

With Telescope, you never have to leave your workspace. Bringing the power of neural search to your existing workflows is one more way we save you time. Add Telescope to a platform of your choice (e.g. Slack, Chrome, etc.) and boost your productivity immediately. 

Telescope AI search workflow integration
Telescope Search Data Security

Data Security

Protecting your data is integral to our operations. For us, security is not an afterthought but is baked into our DNA. We employ best in class DevOps practices and Telescope uses the latest security protocols including encrypting data in transit and at rest.

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