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Use Cases

Meeting Between Colleagues

Conversational Search

Workplace search has remained archaic while consumer search has evolved with voice assistants and answer snippets. Now, you can simply share files, docs, and chats with Telescope or make it a part of your conversation; ask questions in natural language either in text or in voice and get back answer snippets from within your documents and conversations. No more going down the rabbit hole of irrelevant search links with traditional search engines at work. Find what you are exactly looking for and get things done faster. The mantra is to work smart not hard.

Book Pages

Knowledge Base/Wikis

Your teams no longer have to manually maintain knowledge base sites, work with complex markdown formats, or perform the tedious task of transferring content from internally reviewed documents and files. Just share them with Telescope - the content is readily indexed and made available for users to ask questions and get answers instantly. No more manual work, stale wikis or dated knowledge bases.

Sales Agent

Sales Enablement

For a star sales person, having access to facts and information at the right time, right place is imperative to gaining customer trust and closing that deal. Be it software release notes, feature roadmap, pricing, or timelines - you no longer have to start an awkward hunt for information in the middle of a meeting. Ask a question in the Telescope Chrome extension or our Slack app and you will have your answer in seconds - Now, that's a sure shot way to impress your customers and gain their trust.

Computer Office Work


HR is a crucial function and more so, in these times of remote work (WFH). Making sure your employees can find all the information when they need, without the additional stress of searching for it is crucial to ensure employee success. With Telescope, your employees can simply ask a question to know when is the next payroll or when is the next company holiday using our Slack app or Chrome extension or our Google Assistant Action. And, even better, all this is made possible without additional overhead and effort on the part of the HR department. Now, that's cool, isn't it?

Brainstorm to Success


Product management is a cross-functional role that involves articulating ideas, decisions, and messaging across teams. A significant part of this process is creating and digesting an overload of information in documents, conversations, and meetings. Telescope makes the discovery and consumption of knowledge across these disparate sources a breeze. You really have to try it to experience this new age way of knowledge discovery.

Call Center

Customer Success

Quick resolution of customer issues and support tickets is crucial for a best-in-class CSAT score and gaining customer loyalty. An important component of the CX mission is finding the root cause accurately and the best possible solution. Today, that means navigating a slew of structured and unstructured databases. With Telescope, you can connect all of them and your CX specialists can simply ask a question as your customers would and get an answer in moments. You can also deploy chatbots relying on the same intelligent backend from Telescope.

College Classroom


Whether it's sifting through a case study at business school or research papers (such as arxiv) for a dissertation, finding those snippets of facts, figures, and details can consume all your time, especially when you need it the most. Using the Telescope Chrome extension, upload files and articles from sites of your choice and simply ask a question as you'd ask a friend or colleague. Let Telescope do all the hard work and get you the right answer. 

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